About Us

“AWARD” Winning MOONIE Icy Tunes is owned and operated by Sharon Crosetto. Sharon has decades of experience in quality food service and event management in the greater Seattle Area.Sharon served the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery for six years as the culinary supervisor, and she still maintains an intimate relationship with them today. Sharon’s discerning palate has been the basis for sophisticated serving menus in the past. Presently, that same spectacular sense of taste can help you finalize your menu with the perfect frozen dessert!

While quality foods are a passion of hers, Sharon provides more than just great taste. Sharon worked at Microsoft for five years, producing events that became a focal point for a high-stakes marketing campaign. She kept in practice by establishing CandC Partners in 2008, a marketing firm that specializes in all sorts of business communication services, including event management and logistics. Sharon has also earned her certification as a Project Management Professional.

What does all of this experience mean to you? Sharon and MOONIE Icy Tunes Ice Cream delivery make planning your event a breeze, no matter if it’s large or small, formal or relaxed. You can count on Sharon to make sure your party-planning experience is as smooth as soft-serve!

Sharon is happy to answer your questions! Do you have an event that’s in the making? Would you like some input on ice cream? Get in touch!

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