It’s a simple idea. When MOONIE Icy Tunes started rubbing two nickels together more than nine years ago building up Seattle’s novelty ice cream market; I was still working at a large tech company working full time-reporting to a manager that was not equipped with managing himself let alone a growing team. I learned quickly from several senior level managers the repetition of quotes such as “If you don’t want this job I’ll find someone who does” or Who gave you permission to do that? I still have waves of reminders when I’m challenged by the business but the one thing stays the same is “No one owns me” or my work ethic.


Owner / Partner

Now, more than nine years later it’s what motivates me to continue to be a better manager of people to our amazing ice cream catering specialist each year. At MOONIE Icy Tunes our clients needs back in 2008 were limited financially but continued to evolve constantly. I spent most of my career in the corporate marketing sector so it was no surprise that marketing dollars spent on employee morale was limited. Today, The importance of a simple yet affordable way to reward employees, get employees out of a building for a fire drill, or reward the safety goals achieved weren’t near as important as they are in effectively increasing the bottom line.

We just finished moving our warehouse to a larger more accommodating location and we’re announcing the change. Though the address is different the need for quality Blue Bunny  ice cream delivery is the same. To better accommodate Seattle, Eastside businesses and our growing Tacoma business sector we are now located in Redmond. The ability to get to events quickly will allow us to accommodate more events daily. Stop by and treat yourself or book a private scheduled event.