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Make a lasting impression on your guests and bring the excitement and nostalgia of MOONIE Icy Tunes Ice Cream Specialist to your event.

Carts are delivered and set up at your specified location, by our experienced ice cream specialists. Carts and Hawker bags arrive stocked with a pre-planned menu of prepackaged frozen novelties from our wide selection of premium ice cream brands. There’s no dipping or scooping involved with serving & clean-up, making it quick and efficient for large groups. Premium/Standard menu optional available.

Custom Quotes are complimentary. Choose from Team Morale, Corporate logo, Wedding, and more…

Hosted Ice Cream Specialist (Staffing)

Dressed in classic ice cream delivery uniform or casual serving attire. A minimum of 100 pieces applies to all ice cream cart and Hawker Bag delivery only. One hour of serving time is included for each event. Additional time upon request is negotiable.

In most cases, we do not rent out carts or Hawker bags without an ice cream specialist. Exceptions are made for those interested in using carts for promotional events or film/photography shoots. All events are confirmed with a credit card. Events canceled without notice are subject to a $65.00 Fee.

Custom Ice Cream Cart Graphics

Choose what is in stock or brand your own for a minimal fee.

What’s Included In Your Ice Cream Cart Delivery?

  • Delivery
  • Cart
  • Staffing
  • Moonie Icy Tunes Cart DeliveryEach ice cream cart holds up to 1100 frozen ice cream treats and Hawker bags hold 50 pieces. Menu planning options are on requests. An 18% gratuity for your ice cream specialist is charged to the final invoice and goes directly to your ice cream specialist.*Please note that cart rental is not a cost effective option for your child’s birthday~please consider the ice cream jeep to deliver.

    No Power / Electricity Requirements

    MOONIE Icy Tunes Carts have built-in, rechargeable cold plates and continue to actively freeze for up to 8 hours without making any noise, or needing to be plugged in.

    Mobility / Placement

    • Outdoors: Anywhere with a firm surface to roll over – No gravel or grass due to the weight/safety
    • Indoors: MOONIE Icy Tune Carts are designed to fit into elevators and through a standard 36″ office doorway.(Approximate cart dimensions are 40″ tall x 32″ wide x 42″ long.)
    • Fully Loaded Weight: Fully loaded carts weigh up to 400lbs. and cannot be carried up a flight of stairs.

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